Hello to all!  I am excited to announce that my album, Scarecrow, will be available for purchase and download beginning on March 27, 2020.  It features amazing Michigan artists: Erin Zindle of the Ragbirds, Aaron Markovitz of Escaping Pavement, Jim Bizer, Drew Howard, Sara Gibson., Peter Madcat Ruth, David Roof, Rod Johnson, Phil McMillion, Suzanne Sherwin, (not a Michigan artist but hailing from Fort Worth), and Milan Seth.

 Beginning March 27 The album is streamable on Spotify, itunes, amazon music, all the usual places.  I am not able to have my CD release because our country is facing a crisis that threatens the safety of so many, and that has left many of my friends facing financial difficulty.  So to celebrate my album release I have decided to host a fundraising party.  Please consider buying my CD from bandcamp, https://lindenthoburn.bandcamp.com/album/scarecrow. 

 When you buy the album on bandcamp for at least $15 plus tax and shipping I will donate all of the proceeds to

1:  Rooftop recording where David Roof works magic as sound engineer.  Both David and his wife Kristen are self-employed and this crisis will likely be hitting them very hard.

2:  Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor.  Forced to close until this crisis is over - they don't know that they will be able to pay their rent and take care of their employees.

3:  You vote for one musician, restaurant, coffee shop, or small business.  Every week until the end of the crisis I will send a check to whomever gets the most votes. 

Please be generous.