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As an explorer, Linden Thoburn searches every corner of her soul to find life’s true meaning.

The Brighton country-folk singer-songwriter deeply mines the head and the heart through a majestic journey of self-discovery on her latest album, Scarecrow. Thoburn’s Americana odyssey weaves through sunbaked rows, bitter winds, mountain tops, shadow-hearted plains and the Goodnight-Loving Trail alongside 10 heartfelt tracks of courage, growth and gratitude.

“It’s an album about personal journeys – reflective and physical. For me, all the album’s songs came from deep internal explorations, and they represent the struggles to find meaning and to resolve my confusion and find ground in the rapidly-changing U.S.,” she said. “I hope to move people to feel or think. I would love it if people saw their own questions reflected in mine. The music I love the most makes me feel mirrored and less alone in the world.”

Linden Thoburn takes you on a majestic journey of self-discovery throughout 10 introspective tracks on SCARECROW.”

Imagine a country-folk symphony of acoustic and slide guitar, piano, banjo, cello, violin, and harmonica beautifully fusing together alongside heartfelt tales of courage. growth, and gratitude. Tender stories tied to nature, wildlife, and friendship soar alongside Thoburn's soothing vocals and exquisite songwriting.